Thalberg’s political legacy |

Thalberg’s political legacy

Dear Editor:Katharine Thalberg’s daughter Brooke Anderson is quoted “Explore doesn’t have a political point of view, it’s an independent bookstore” (“From left to right: Explore sells” Jan. 30). This is a ridiculous statement. Everything about Katharine lived and breathed political points of view. Many years ago, I worked with her, from the old joiners table at Explore, on the anti-fur campaign. Extraordinary thinkers came to Aspen to participate in the animal rights conference, such as Peter Singer. All of this came out of Explore.Katharine was heard to say “Ain’t free speech grand,” in response to someone picketing in front of Explore, in protest during the anti-fur campaign. Explore personified Katharine’s every value even as she embraced selling that which she did not agree with, even that which repulsed her, such as books by ultraconservatives such as Ann Coulter.As her close friend I have to say she would not be happy seeing Explore sold to someone who opposed her every value.Phyllis BronsonAspen