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Texts from the Tent: Food & Wine in real time

Kelly J. Hayes
Special to The Aspen Times
Food & Wine, captured by iPhone.
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So the first Food & Wine Classic was back in 1983.

That same year, Motorola introduced a 2-pound, 1G, $4,000 cell phone called the DynaTAC. And no, it did not take pictures of your dinner. And no, you could not send an image of a wine label to your friends — as inconvenient as that may have been.

While great food and great wine pretty much taste as they did 34 summers ago, how we communicate about it has come a long way. From cellphones with cameras to social media to bloggers and influencers, we no longer simply eat and drink to taste. We eat and drink to tell — or show — others what we ate and drank.

So it is that this year this space will finally, after six years, evolve ever so slightly. Instead of being a “column” written in the traditional sense, where a writer takes notes, goes to a keyboard and crafts something out of the notes with the idea of providing perspective, this space will consist of texts and photos produced instantaneously during the Classic.

I know, that is so 2002, the year that the Sanyo 5300, the first commercially viable camera phone, was sold.

Mock me if you must, but I have tired of trying to make sense of my notes each post-Grand Tasting and then sitting down in a half-drunk stupor to concoct a traditional column.

This year I will utilize text-tech.

If I see something I think you’ll like, I will take a photo of it and then text a short story about it to my editor. It will either be published in the next day’s paper, in this space as they see fit or, better yet, retweeted on The Aspen Times’ Twitter (first Tweet, 2006) or Instagram (first post, 2010) feeds. Or even better-better still, both.

The idea is not just to ease my burden, but to provide the reader, you, with something a bit more, wait for it — digestible. And you’ll get pictures, which they tell me are worth 140,000 characters.

We’ll see how all of this works. If you have something interesting that you think I and/or my readers might find interesting, text me on my iPhone.

Which was first released to the public 10 years ago this month.

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