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Terry’s rationale questioned

Last Monday’s City Council meeting was extremely entertaining, but the show illustrated in my opinion, fundamental flaws of principle.

First, the public bearing, Resolution #33, the Residences at Little Nell conceptual approval, presented by the partners and agents of the Aspen Skiing Co., where Terry Paulson brought up the concern of the “perceived” impropriety of conflict of interest for council candidates recently endorsed by the Skico.

I make no bones about it, I, as many other residents, have significant issues with the Skico, but politics and personal vendettas have no place on the council. Such rational, transforms a “quasi judicial process” into a pseudo judicial process which is universally destructive.

This tactic of “perceived” impropriety of conflict of interest accomplishes about as much good as when Terry planted fake Indian relics on the mountain. Terry is going to need more sophistication and lawful methods than those employed by Ed Abby or Robin Hood to curtail Aspen’s transformation into a homogeneous Crown Town.

Embracing state law and precedence to formulate fair and equitable zoning ordinances through education and public debate has been proved a far more effective tactic.

It always seems the town is a day late and a dollar short on major issues, usually ending in knee jerk legislation we all are sentenced to five with. A succession of atavistic councils has promoted the bureaucratic brick wall, excessive regulation and the pernicious mindset we all try to avoid.

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Who needs it; should I flight or fight? Over the years, City Hall has sapped the spirit and lifeblood from the town, far more destructive than any corporate takeover.

Look at the Holland House debacle; their experience is sadly becoming the norm rather than the exception, the city’s staff wasting residents’ time and resources to maintain control, their “manifest destiny.”

This Chinese philosophy indirectly aids the corporate strangulation of Aspen’s individuality by divide and conquer. I think the Terry Paulsons of Aspen are unknowingly Big Business’s best friend, who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Secondly, Terry’s categorical endorsement of the “tree extortion,” Ordinance 34, as it stands, without expressing any interest in obtaining the facts of the exhibit or review of the ordinance: the subjective context, potential pathways for abuse and questions of constitutionality; illustrates for me, personal intractability and questionable self discipline.

These characteristics can only inhibit an individual’s ability to arrive at rational conclusions, which council members are paid and sworn to do.

Terry is a great guy off the council – athletic, community-oriented and pleasant to be around, but lacking the ability to be a truth seeker or to connect the dots regarding issues before the council (reading his in-box mail and taking an interest in constitutional rights would be a start). How can he best serve his professed constituents, Aspen’s workers?

Scott and Caroline McDonald