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Terrorists cloaked as commissioners

It’s been a long time since my last letter to you all. There has been a good reason. I don’t believe my letters do any good in our corrupt culture and society, and may do me more personal harm than good.

However, at this point in time I don’t think it really matters because you have already destroyed the privacy of my nitch with the Highway 82 noise, the shooting range noise, the disrespectful rafting/kayaking noise and the jet noise by not enforcing your own county laws and Ecological Bill of Rights, not to mention your fraudulent inland stealing of easement rights on the railroad right-of-way.

All the above are a form of stealing. Why is it that the businesses of rafting, kayaking and shooting range can operate over private property, and/or affect private property without special review?

So, first off, I want to make it clear that I do not like the systems of capitalism, communism, socialism or terrorism. They are all systems corrupt to the core.

Which one is the best or worst is hard to say; however, having lived in the Capitalist Bureaucratic Republic for close to 63 years, I can honestly say it is a total ruse, sham, deception and myth of democracy and freedom at every level.

Most all civil law, except some pertaining to regulation, is a Protection Racket. Most law, the way it is being applied, is a form of stealing, and unless laws are exercised equally across the board – equally applied, equally enforced and equally sentenced – it isn’t law, it’s this Protection Racket involving judges, attorneys, DA’s, public defenders, government departments, politicians, prosecution, defenses, supreme courts, congresses, et al, via their legalese club.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: COMPUTERIZE CIVIL LAW with possible review in certain cases.

Let’s start at the county level where in Pitkin County the County Commissioners are attempting a major TAKING/STEALING from one group of citizens and attempting to give this stealing to another group of citizens by the term or word they use called DOWNZONING and change in property RIGHTS-OF-USE.

Commissioners, the Supreme Court of the United States has set the perimeters of what they consider to be a lawful taking/stealing somewhere around the percentage of 30 percent. Even this is WRONG. Shame on you Supreme Court! I was taught that the taking of one piece of bubble gum out of the jar that had 100 pieces was stealing.

The Supreme Court has ruled that you must justly compensate for any taking/stealing over this 30 percent level. Commissioners, you are nothing more than a pack of thieves when you pass resolutions and laws without 100 percent just compensation.

Case in point: you are ready to pass an amendment to your new downzoning once it’s approved to delete Aspen Mass, which is a property you own, so you don’t steal from yourself. If you can do that for yourself you can do it for any wealthy prince that greases the machine, correctly represented by the right attorneys and land use planners.

Right now you are THIEVES. You have already stolen approximately 60 percent by your downzoning to 5,750 square feet. And now, you’re attempting to steal approximately 90 percent of the remaining 40 percent. You are discriminating and prejudicially terrorizing a group of citizens in your own county. You are the TERRORISTS!

Property and the rights that transcend from generation to generation are strongly protected by the Constitution of the United States. If one cannot count on the chain-of-title rights granted in one’s deed to their properties, the whole system of owning property will break down, as well as the American Dream.

Negative changes in zoning of property, and changing the rights of use to one’s property from what it was when one bought the property, inherited the property, or that were in one’s chain-of-title to their property, without just compensation, is pure theft. It is stealing.

For you attorneys, ex-county commissioners, who started this whole mess, not to mention any names because we all know who you are, advocating the theft of property value so you can later represent rich clients playing both ends to the middle in your theft brokerage game, so these clients can get what they want, is an AC/DC, two-faced, double-standard contradiction.

One of you advocates that it is all right to steal 99 percent of the property value via changing property right-of use while the other advocates that stealing approximately 90 percent by changing zoning is the lawful way to go.

You are intentionally playing this group of citizens to scare them into accepting the bone of the least stealing. You are TERRORIZING this group of neighbors. You are the WHORES on society.

Let’s take it to a vote of the people; but let’s be sure to tell them, over and over again, what you are asking them to do. Steal from their neighbors. Thou shalt not steal.

And, if the people vote for stealing, at least you told them what they are doing instead of using your mumbo-jumbo legalese of the change of rights-of-use and downzoning.

Now, let’s multiply this local Pitkin County stealing/taking corruption by about 1 billion with the help of New York banks, bankers and their hotshot Wall Street lawyers that stole approximately $28 trillion from the OPEC countries’ oil money profits, particularly Saudi Arabia, starting back in 1973 via 30-year time certificates of deposit they made into these banks that shelled it into bank holding companies that were designed to go bankrupt.

These bank holding companies loaned all this money out to Third World countries knowing that these countries would default on these loans so these same bankers and banks could forgive these loans if these countries would sign over their natural resources (oil, minerals, gold, etc.).

Also, when the owners of these time certificates of deposits go to the banks to get cashed out they will be told by the bankers that we don’t have your money, we gave it to these holding companies that are now bankrupt.

Now, are you starting to get the real picture why the Arab/Muslim people and countries hate us, not to mention the killing of 500,000 innocent children in Iraq and Baghdad from persistent bombings since the Kuwait war?

The U.N. has never sanctioned the continued U.S. and British bombing of Iraq – an action that is the source of much hatred directed toward the United States. All this hatred basically started by Wall Street attorneys perpetrating the stealing of oil profits from the Arab/Muslim people and countries.

A recession/depression flushes out the excesses of Wall Street, debt and the evaporation of money by stealing from the people (Enron), and terrorism flushes out the excesses of corrupt capitalism, socialism and communism.

I’d like to backtrack for a moment and let the commissioners know that you are not immune and that you could be setting yourself up for a class-action suit at the taxpayers’ expense. Also, you could be setting yourself up for individual suits brought under 42USC for discrimination and deprivation of rights.

I quote: “Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity or other proper proceeding for redress.” Maybe even a Rico investigation could be in order and called in?

I will now get to the solutions. A very simple solution exists for the Pitkin County Commissioners. Give this group you are discriminating against the equivalency of TDR’s for the equivalency of developments rights you are attempting to steal. Give them JUST COMPENSATION.

For those unfamiliar with TDR’s, they represent transferable development rights that the county commissioners have allocated to give in exchange for existing development property rights when they do not want development in certain areas.

All ranchers had, by state law, the right to 15,000 square feet in development rights per 35 acres before you stole 60 percent. If you end up with a formula equivalency of allowing 5,000 square feet per 105 acres, you should give them the equivalency of 40,000 square feet in TDR’s.

Go present value to present value in figuring the TDR’s. Example: 15,000 square feet/35 acres/value 1 mill would equal four, 2,000 square feet/value $250,000 TDR’s. This would be JUST COMPENSATION with equivalency development rights.

These TDR’s should be irrevocable and free market to be sold in areas of development both in the city and county. It appears that the city wants to go up and the county wants socialized clusters of development.

Commissioners, keep it simple. Give just compensation and get on to solving the real problems of the county. It isn’t growth. It is the negative vibrations of too much noise, over-aggressive kisters, mag chloride, too much low-cost housing and hydrocarbons.

It is a proven fact that high levels of noise raise tension levels. Why do you think they use it in warfare? The FBI even used it on the Branch Davidians.

Go quietly through the woods, streets and trails. Have respect for the air, water, rivers, ponds, property and wildlife. Have respect for everyone and everything. You will find the community much more relaxed like it was in the old days if you can get a grip on NOISE POLLUTION.

In my next letter I will address a simple solution to the other TERRORISM.

Patrick Fox


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