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Terrorism is like cancer

Dear Editor:It’s ironic that Buster Feldman (Aspen Times letters, July 21) claims that 99.9 percent of people would rather not trade diatribes with me, then goes on to write a diatribe of his own (he must be in that .1 percent).Feldman calls the Palestinians “my favorite children of God” but in most of my letters, I express equal concern for Israelis and Palestinians and refer to both as children of God. Just because I’m giving the Palestinian side of the story, doesn’t mean I condone their acts of violence against innocent Israelis. Violence is never a solution, and only causes more violence. I’d prefer the Palestinians use Gandhi’s method of nonviolent civil resistance to effect change, but that is naïve and unrealistic.Feldman complains that I only enumerate what the Israelis have done and never mention what the Palestinians have done. Everyone knows everything the Palestinians have done. The media report every Palestinian suicide bomb or missile attack, but never report Israel’s abuse of Palestinians. For 40 years we’ve been given a biased view by the mainstream media which always portrays Israel as the innocent victim and Palestinians/Arabs as the evil enemy.The public has been led to believe that this is a Holy War in which Muslims have an unreasonable and murderous hatred of Jews. Because I refute that misconception, I’ve been labeled bigoted, biased, anti-Semitic, misguided, racist, mean-spirited, one-sided, close-minded, prejudiced and ignorant, and alienated friends, family and clients. In Mr. Feldman’s estimation, I put myself in a position to have my character and relationships trashed just to satisfy my ego, but the real reason I continue to write is because I believe it’s time people know the truth, especially now that acts of terrorism are on the rise worldwide. Understanding why people want to attack us is the first step in eliminating terrorism.Terrorism is like cancer. Sure, eradicating cancerous cells with violent treatment might save one body, but it doesn’t prevent cancer from appearing in another body. Scientists try to understand the cause of cancer so they can find a way to prevent it. When certain behaviors are found to increase the risk of cancer, we’re warned to stop the behavior. Shouldn’t we try to understand what we’re doing to offend the Arabs so we can modify our policies to decrease the risk of terrorist acts?Feldman claims that writing letters to newspapers does no good, but perhaps because of my letters, the next time someone sees a news story about a Palestinian attack on Israel, they will have a different perspective. Greater understanding may eventually lead to a solution that will save us all from the evils of terrorism.So Mr. Feldman if you can find a more meaningful way to achieve peace, I’ll expect to hear no more from you. As long as people continue to write letters excusing Israel’s genocidal behavior and despite inviting more emotionally charged accusations, I’ll continue to inform anyone who cares to read my letters.Sue GrayCarbondale

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