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Terrible treatment

Dear Editor:

Forget the customer always being right; is the customer even human anymore? My daughter and I have just gone through the worst experience trying to buy a flower-girl dress.

Under the mistaken assumption that a store with the word “boutique” in the name would have the high quality we were looking for, we were excited at the convenience of having New Image Boutique here in Rifle. The nightmare began when the dress finally arrived four days after the date we were given and my daughter tried on the dress ordered specifically for her. It’s unbelievable to me that simply hanging a “no refunds” sign absolves the store manager and sales clerk of all personal responsibility.

The dress, shoddily made with visible seams and a broken zipper, was the wrong size even though the manager herself took my daughter’s measurements. With no time to go through the waiting process of having another delivered, I politely asked for my money back. I accept my own blame in this fiasco yet it was the fault of the manager, in taking the wrong measurements and ordering the wrong size, that made the dress unusable to us.

Raised to believe in the Golden Rule and raised to take personal responsibility for my own actions, I was downright offended at the response I received. Never have I been so poorly treated in our community as I was by the manager of that store and her employee. Having to listen as they spoke to one another under the assumption that I did not understand Spanish, being sneered at, and being spoken to with less respect than they would give the dirt on their floors, I was provoked into acting in a manner I have never before been forced to behave.

My daughter burst into tears, having never experienced the unprofessional, disrespectful, condescending abuse we endured and my alien reaction to it. I reclaimed my dignity yet I am still deeply insulted by sheer lack of respect we were shown and that I believe every human should receive simply because they are human.

Aimee Wilshire


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