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Temperatures not all that’s rising

Dear Editor:

Regarding the concerns resort communities have about climate change: The climate is changing globally and will continue to do so until it is done doing its thing, which will be measured in geologic time.

Equally important, however, is the lack of change in my pocket. You all worry about what is going to happen to the skiing if the climate continues to warm up, but you don’t worry about the skiers who have been priced out of the game with your $100-plus lift fees. At Vail, a walk-up pass is $120-plus. (I know, I know! There are ways to buy cheaper lift tickets if I join in the clowny little marketing games you all present as huge savings opportunities.)

Why doesn’t Aspen Skiing Co. just try and live out on the edge and make some noise for Colorado’s skiing benefit with a price that lets people at least consider coming to visit your epic town? They’ll see that Vail won’t budge and instead come to ski your four beautiful mountains.

Auden Schendler has emerged as a major voice representing Skico for climate change. Well, it’s obvious you need to pay him more so he can stop the sun.

Mark Campion