Tell us, why should we elect you? |

Tell us, why should we elect you?

This is the final question in a series of questions we’ve been asking the candidates for Pitkin County Commissioner all week. Today’s question is: Why should we elect you? What have you accomplished in this community in recent years that makes you deserve our vote?Patti ClapperThis is a tough question for me to answer. First because I am not good at patting myself on the back, and second because I do not believe that any one person accomplishes anything alone. And, yes, I hope I am re-elected because I hope those who elected me four years ago feel that I have done a good job representing them.As for my deserving your vote … well, does anyone “deserve” to be elected to do this job? I can’t tell you how many people have questioned my sanity for wanting to be re-elected … or how many people offered me condolences rather than congratulations when I was elected in 1998!This is not an easy “job,” nor should it be. It was my choice to run for this is “job” and I have chosen to run for it again. And why? Because I believe in our community and I believe in those who live, work and play here. I believe in the democratic process, in the public’s right to know and the public’s right to participate. I believe that it is our (the people’s) responsibility to question their government and that it is the government’s responsibility to answer us (the people). I also believe I have listened to and learned from you (the voters) and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity ? even more the privilege ? to represent you (the voters) again.Mick IrelandAs an individual, I have accomplished very little without the help and support of other board members and the public.Without the generosity and courage of this community, I would not have survived the attacks of big money interests that wanted mega-homes in the backcountry. I have had a major role in creating the first open space tax and working for its renewal. I have done research and worked to make the case for affordable housing locally and at a state and regional level, supporting the real estate transfer tax and day care/housing fund. I was also part of the board team that created Rural and Remote zoning to prevent the backcountry from becoming a castle zone/theme park. That zoning is now imitated in other counties such as Gunnison and Summit. As the elected chairman of the five-county transportation planning region, I worked to get the Highway 82 project back on the funding list along with projects in Redstone and the Fryingpan Valley (Lime Kilns). Snowmass Canyon was funded and built just before the state finances ran out. I obtained the consent of each and every member of the TPR to procure expedited funding for the roundabout so that the net cost to local taxpayers was less than $600,000. I authored the intergovernmental agreement creating a five-county Rural Resort Region that has successfully worked together to use state funds to expand day care throughout the region. I was one of the leaders who insisted that the Aspen Highlands and Moore projects create housing to match their job generation, and I was one who insisted that the housing be available to all eligible members of the community, not just the developers’ friends and allies. I worked hard to pass the Burlingame question. I suggested the purchase through condemnation if necessary that enabled Woody Creek owners to obtain ownership of their park. In summary, I pledged in 1994 in my first campaign to manage growth, create housing and protect the environment. That I have done, sometimes at great political cost and, if reelected, I will continue to do so.Tim MooneyI have lived in the same house on Park Avenue for 32 years. I am a productive, loyal citizen of Pitkin County. I am a businessman: 1. I have worked in the ski business for 23 years, on the front lines of the resort, teaching one visitor at a time. I know the ski business. I know the people who come here and why.2. I am a professional real estate broker at Mason & Morse Real Estate ? one of the oldest and highly regarded firms in Pitkin County.3. I volunteered for nine years as a member of the Aspen City Planning and Zoning Commission, having experience with development caseload.4. I volunteered as a board member for the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club. I have experience with nonprofits and the kids and families valleywide.I am a committed leader who is willing to measure the risk using my professional business experiences (as a ski instructor and realtor) and life experiences (as manager for Jimmy Buffett and John Denver) for the reward of living in the most beautiful mountain environment in the USA.I want to work as hard as necessary to change the fiscal deterioration of the county and stabilize the economy for future generations.I will manage growth through leadership.I am committed to preserve and protect our Mother Earth’s environment so future ski bums can thrive in the beauty of Pitkin County and have access to the Rocky Mountains, like I have.I will work to initiate the healthiest, safest and most prosperous life in Pitkin County for every citizen creature. I do not represent any special interest groups and will vote my conscience on the facts presented to the BOCC during regular meetings.

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