Tell us about your spring travel plans

I’m going to Southern California and then road-trip across the States. It’ll be [gone] two months, with a big layover in Texas.George Jackson, HoustonI’m going for a big road trip. We’re driving to Seattle and then driving to New York via Texas and Florida. I’m going to buy a tent so we can sleep anywhere.Tom Neal, Cable Bay, New ZealandI’m taking my own yoga retreat to Mexico. It’s near Sayulita. I’m bringing a group of 15 down there.River Morgan, AspenI’m going past the roundabout. To the golf course.Chip Cook, AspenI have none. I guess I’m stuck here. It’s not a bad place to be stuck.Julie Ressler, AspenThis is what I’m doing. I’m here from Florida.Arleen Gross, Jupiter, Fla.