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Teens breathe life into valley nonprofits

Dear Editor:

What are the words that come to mind when you think of teenagers? Popular culture and television would have us believe that teenagers are selfish, materialistic, shallow and irresponsible.

I am lucky to have the opportunity to see how amazing teenagers really are. Every week, 18 Roaring Fork High School students rush over to the neighborhood elementary school to spend their precious free time, lunch, with their Little Buddies – children with real challenges at school or home – through the Buddy Program’s Peer-to-Peer program. These young people easily succeed at the thing so elusive to caring adults: connecting and making their younger friends feel special. These relationships have had a huge positive impact on the younger Buddies’ school performance and social interactions.

Teenagers possess incredible energy and an admirable willingness to take on just about any challenge. I want to thank the Buddy Program and all organizations and businesses that welcome teen volunteers and employees, trusting them to make significant positive contributions to our community. Thank you for giving young people the opportunity to share their talent, compassion and generosity.

If you are interested in becoming a Big Buddy in one of our different programs or lending your support in some way, please call the Buddy Program at 970-920-2130 or check out their website at http://www.buddyprogram.org.

Andrea Caruso

Roaring Fork High School counselor, Carbondale


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