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Ted Rall rebuked

Editor:The columnist gets his comeuppance. What a different column [Ted Rall] wrote in The Aspen Times on Tuesday, Feb. 28. Hiding behind his First Amendment right to say or write anything he pleases, his normal hate spew is directed at President Bush, Vice President Cheney, the administration, the Republican Party and everybody else he hates and despises. Our wonderful country allows him to do this with impunity. But, boy, what a crybaby, chicken-livered, spineless wimp he turns out to be when one of his own columnist aficionados takes off after him!Blond, gorgeous, long-haired Ann Coulter verbally kicks this wimp’s ass, according to his own whining in his above-mentioned column. She could more than likely do it physically, too!The hatemonger starts to cry and whine about how Ann Coulter insults him and writes “malicious lies about me.” Yet he is quite happy writing, “In fact, I despise Bush precisely because his rise to power, love of violence and jingoism mirror those of the Third Reich.”Sounds as though he, that Overland High School teacher and the alleged Indian professor have been drinking the same Kool-Aid local talk show host Michael Conniff is always talking about.Another of his brilliant quotes: “… a post 9/11 pack of right-wing attack dogs. These neo-McCarthyites (Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Andrew Sullivan) think they can get away with saying anything, no matter how factually inaccurate, about their political opponents … because wimpy liberals refuse to stand up for themselves.” Doesn’t he realize that is exactly what he does?He is the mirror image of his own derogatory and hate-filled remarks. Did he actually meet Joe McCarthy so as to affirm that he was “a delusional alcoholic”? On top of crying about his whupping by Ann Coulter, he also yelps that his liberal supporters won’t fund his potential “slander or libel” suit against Coulter, “the Republican id.” He wails that, “A deep-pocketed angel would make the difference, but there, alas, is the root of the trouble with the American left.” Hasn’t poor baby heard of Moveon.org or George Soros? Hit them up, whiner!P. NicklinAspen

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