Technology helps clean up drilling |

Technology helps clean up drilling

Dear Editor:Peter Hart’s column (“Development devastation,” July 5) neglected to mention the fact that America’s oil and gas industry is deeply concerned with the air quality in the Rockies and supports the division’s efforts to get real time monitoring.Innovations in drilling technologies help to ensure environmental standards are not only met, but surpassed. For instance, innovations like “flareless” completions, condensate tanks, rigs that run on natural gas instead of diesel aid in substantially decreasing the amount air pollution generated during energy development.Concern for air quality in the Rockies is at the forefront of our operations; America’s oil and natural gas industry works with air pollution agencies for opportunities employ voluntary measures that will mitigate emissions. Furthermore, through the implementation of innovative technologies, we are doing our part to keep this region beautiful and clean. We will continue to meet consumers’ expectations while always remaining environmentally responsible, now and into the future.Stan Dempseypresident, Colorado Petroleum AssociationDenver