Team doffs caps to Nick |

Team doffs caps to Nick

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

My name is Ramon Simpson; I am a player and assistant coach on the Fresno Dodgers. We were the opposing team when Nick Alcorta became ill. My teammates and I would like to express our sympathy to the Alcorta family, friends and town of Basalt. From the little we know about Nick, it is surmisable that he was a role model and well-liked in the community.

During our game against the Denver Bulls, the players on our team had commented that the shortstop was “smooth,” and, indeed, Nick had made some very nice plays in the field.

Between innings as I passed him on the field, we nodded at each other and exchanged pleasantries. It’s easy to discern a man’s character even with a few words spoken in passing. I’m glad I spoke to him.

Nick had to have a passion for baseball, and we relate to that. Playing baseball on a hot Saturday afternoon, putting your heart and soul into the game when you could be at home relaxing – this is what we do, because we have that competitive passion. Nick played the game until the end, doing what he loved to do.

We are deeply affected by the loss of Nick Alcorta. He was part of our fraternity and even though we barely knew him, we felt like we really knew him well.

The Fresno Dodgers will continue to wear his number 26 in remembrance of a man that played the game of baseball well and the game of life even better.

Ramon Simpson

Fresno Dodgers