Tea with Emzy?

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Mmmm. While I attended the international Getty Research Institute conference on “Beauty and Truth for Sale: The Art of the Dealer,” I discovered that on the conference’s second day, March 30, Aspen Times reporter Janet Urquhart wrote her article titled “Want to improve downtown? So do many others” in which she wrote “gadfly Emzy Veazy III.”

The Veazy Group Chairman Monty and others suspect she may hang out with the mentally challenged who reflect distorted ideas and jaded perceptions concerning me like those expressed by recognition-deprived GrassRoots television station manager Corby Andersen, whose bipolar personality characterized me in “I want my Emzy TV” (Aspen Times, Feb. 24) as “gadfly” and “annoying.”

Soon Ms. Urquhart, we must sit down to talk over a cup of tea so you will walk a better path through your journalistic woodlands to come out into the sunshine like the brilliant former Aspen Chamber Resort Association employee and Basalt resident, Ms. Maggie Fricke.

By the way, Ms. Urquhart and Ms. Fricke, at the Getty conference, I met Mr. Colin B. Bailey of The Frick Collection in New York City and I will be in contact with him.

I am certain Ms. Fricke recalls our first meeting when I mentioned the powerful American robber baron Frick of Pittsburgh, Penn. and how I reacted to her surname.

The Frick Collection is an American diamond in the art world!

I am sure the staffs of the Aspen Art Museum and the Anderson Ranch Art Center will agree with me about The Frick Collection, isn’t that right Mr. John Redmond, Anderson Ranch Art Center CFO?

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

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