Tax dollars at work |

Tax dollars at work

Dear Editor:

The teachers union exists to further the economic prosperity of all teachers (“Re-1 teachers, staff members to get bonuses,” Jan. 26, Glenwood Springs Post Independent). The union did a pretty good job. It took a quarter of the extra millions folks so generously voted “for the children” and gave each and every full-time teacher a $1,500 bonus.

It’s even going to hire back four out of the 14 janitors who lost their jobs. I don’t believe those lucky four got a bonus, and as for the other 10, they’re just out of luck. Too bad they couldn’t join the teachers union.

If we want to retain the “good” teachers, why were all the teachers rewarded with those ill-conceived bonuses? Because the union says there is no objective way to economically discern between the good and the not so good.

I do hope all those generous taxpayers learn this union lesson well and remember when it comes hat in hand the next time, begging “for the children.”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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