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Tax bracketology

Dear Editor:

In response to “Rich bashing getting old” by Joan Bernstein (letters, July 31, The Aspen Times), I agree. I mean, my goodness, the rich are getting absolutely screwed in this country.

We need another tax break like the last one Bush gave us to really get this economy going again! The “under” classes are really getting a bit uppity in their desires for a fair health care system and equality and bargaining power in the workplace. What are they going to ask for next? Repaired roads and bridges? Social Security? They all just want a free ride and they want me (the fabulously wealthy) to pay for it. Selfish bastards.

And they want me to pay for Bush’s unfunded wars? The nerve. If they would work hard like me maybe we’d have a working economy and they could pay their fair share of taxes.

At least Obama has the sense not to raise taxes on us or our industries to pay for our debt; if he did that, we’d really have to reinvest our cash back into our companies instead of paying taxes, and where would that get him? He’d probably take credit for lowering the unemployment rate and giving the government a real chance at tackling the debt problem, which would be pure political opportunism and have no real effect on the lives of working Americans.

I say let the tea party/Rush Limbaugh/Fox News people run the country, then we could have real change a destroyed country could believe in.

Erik Hendrix


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