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Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Talk with friends about sex and sexuality and let them teach you what they know, and maybe that includes practical tuition as well! This is an important time for you to get more clear and deeper understanding of you as a sexual and sensual being, and talking, reading and writing about it will expand the value you get. Also be talking about your dreams and visions in your career and out in the world – it helps it happen.

General astrology for all signs for the week: Sexual energy is still very high and flowing beautifully and therefore so is your creativity also – they go hand in hand! You will be feeling very idealistic, romantic and seeing the best in things and people all of which

is healing for you. Seek deeper levels of love and connection with family, even if it feels risky, you can heal old hurts with them. Its worth the try! Note: Go to http://tomasgregory.com/ for my new daily

astrology column, as published in The Aspen Times, in

Colorado. It complements the daily astrology on this site and is the sign-by-sign type.