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Taurus – You are deeply involved with pondering your sexuality and physical life. “Sex and Death” are real for you as you put a lot on the line with sexual opening and have been deeply hurt. Used? Abandoned? Betrayed? All possible hurts, and lessons to master and survive. Now you have learned all that you know how to have it all safely. Love! (AND do remember to visit tomasgregory.com for more Daily Astrology, as printed every weekday in The Aspen Times newspaper, the paper of record for Aspen, Colorado.)

General Comment for week: Over the next two weeks you will be connecting with new levels of your karmic destiny in terms of your body, your place in the world, and karmic reasons for many of your choices. This is very freeing, to make new choices. Prosperity and expansion of abundance continue, manifesting physically. Sexuality and passion are very high, and are confronting issues of aloneness.