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Tancredo wants to put gun question on Colorado ballots

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Aspen, CO Colorado

DENVER – Republican Tom Tancredo wants to put a gun question on 2010 Colorado ballots to send a message to federal officials.

The former congressman and presidential candidate says he wants to see a nonbinding measure saying that Coloradans oppose gun restrictions. Tancredo says the measure would send a message to Washington and Congress to oppose international arms treaties that gun-rights activists say could lead to domestic limits on firearms.

“We cannot bind them to it, but we have every right to tell them what we think,” Tancredo told The Denver Post. “What I like about this is the debate that will result from having this on the ballot.”

Tancredo filed the proposal last week with a state office that clears ballot language. Supporters of the ballot measure would then have to collect some 76,000 signatures from valid voters to put the question on ballots.

The initiative would ask Colorado’s state and federal officials to “oppose any proposed international treaty, protocol or other agreement which limits, restricts or impairs the rights of individual citizens to keep and bear arms.”

Tancredo and some other gun-rights activists have expressed alarm over the Obama administration signaling that it wants to negotiate new international arms treaties.

Though the administration has not called for any domestic gun-law changes, Tancredo said an international treaty would be “a pretty slippery step to gun confiscation.”

Tancredo recently decided against running for the Republican nomination for governor. He said if Colorado voters approve the initiative, he plans to take it to other states that allow citizens to put measures on the ballot.


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