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Tame human nature first

Dear Editor:

To the Department of Wildlife in Aspen: The department seems to know a great deal about bears, but little about human nature. When people believe that a 96-gallon plastic garbage container with locks on the lid is “bear proof,” they don’t think it’s a problem to put their garbage out the night before. That way they won’t have to get up early and bring it out for pick up by the garbage companies.

Aspen has a lot of guests from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. What do these people know about bears? Guests and locals don’t understand that if they put their garbage out the night before, the locks will only delay the bears from getting into the garbage. It certainly doesn’t stop the garbage scent from attracting the bears. Guests and local humans don’t seem to realize that if the bears don’t happen to get an easy meal, they will simply move through the neighborhood wreaking havoc and looking for their dinner opportunity.

Last night, someone in my neighborhood left their garbage out (Saturday night) for a pick up on Monday morning. Of course, a mother and two cubs tore the “bear proof” container apart. What a shame if we had to put all three down because the concept of a “bear proof” container gives humans a feeling of false security.

One more thought, construction crews throw the remainders of their lunches into unprotected construction Dumpsters. This, too, attracts unwanted wildlife.

Cliff Weiss