Talkin’ bout a revolution |

Talkin’ bout a revolution

I attended David Barsamian’s seminar at the Glenwood Springs High School auditorium on Friday the 28th. Approximately 250 people attended. I doubt anyone dozed as David, who obviously did his homework, gave us two hours worth of incredible information on the wrongs of the government we the people elected to represent us.

David also started, in 1986, the now popular radio program which, by the way, is given free to stations throughout the world. The program, Alternative Radio, is aired locally on KDNK and KJAX.

What is a wonder to me is that I’ve read of no coverage of the seminar in any of our local papers – yet, anyway.

The information David shared is factual, yet not readily publicized, information about what we the people are indirectly responsible for only because we’ve chosen not to involve ourselves in what our chosen representatives (our government) is doing.

In that we have freely elected our government, we the people are directly responsible for the killing of fellow human beings and the suffering we’ve caused and are causing at this very moment. Also the havoc we’re creating in our extended environment with outdated policies.

This is not a guilt trip nor a make wrong of we the people – it is simply time to take the blinders off and be awake to what we have and are creating.

I feel no need to go into detail about what we are doing, for even those of us who are unaware of the volume of destruction we’re creating all know we are destroying all life forms, whether we justify these actions or not.

David Barsamian’s seminar was shared information about what we are doing, for in our country we are the government. And we, being the government, it is not simply a right we have but a responsibility we’ve given ourselves to uphold our Declaration of Independence – which, by the way, clearly states that if wrongdoing is being created by our elected officials, we the people are to abolish, overthrow and “institute new government.”

Personally, I think no government is ideally what will bring the peace we seek – for it puts the responsibility directly on the individual’s way of interacting within his or her creation.

David Barsamian stated that the revolution is now, and what I add is, the revolution is a personal revolution – that we, as individuals, must be vigilant in altering our personal ways of thinking and acting in our everyday world. It’s not about “them.”

David Krest


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