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Tales of dirt pimpery

Dear Editor:Aspen is lucky; they’ve got Mayor Mick to stem the carnage of the cranes that threaten to turn Glitzburg into the Manhattan of the mountains. But who will save the downvalley 82 corridor from becoming a glorified strip mall?In Basalt they cry great crocodile tears of concern over the fate of a hundred or so worker bee families that live in the two trailer parks “endangered” once a century by a flood. Be assured that when the dirt pimps have figured out a way to dispose of the “trailer trash” in a politically correct manner, they’ll have no qualms about putting some high-dollar development in their place.Mike Lipkin told Basalt he needed an extra 85,000 square feet of “free” market housing to ensure his main tenant, Whole Foods, would move in. The next day, Whole Foods said they were signed up and ready to go without Lipkin’s extra high end footage. Mike said he couldn’t understand the mix up and he was trying to deal with Basalt with utmost integrity.He, he, ha, ha. I know why Mike couldn’t hear what Whole Foods was saying: His wallet was shouting too loudly for him to hear anything else!Greed knows no bounds, and the dirt pimps are spreading the plague downvalley. Will we allow them to pave paradise for another stinking parking lot? Do we want the grandiose schemes of developers to dictate our future?I say screw the dirt pimps! Let’s stand up to those who can’t even spell the word integrity, much less practice it.Bruno KirchenwitzBasalt

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January 18, 2020

The town of Basalt is working on an update to its 2007 master plan. The document will be a blueprint for how and where the town will grow. But the family that has owned a 180-acre ranch at the edge of town for nearly 60 years objected Tuesday to the document’s parameters for its property.

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