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Tales from the sardine can

Dear Editor:Here it is Wednesday morning, and finally, some press about the capacity crowd at Sunday’s show (“Jazz Aspen experiences growing pains,” Sept. 5). However, I am compelled to write since it seems the obvious has been ignored: There just was not enough room for 12,000 people at that show!Personally, I found the reporting of that day’s incredible lines for the johns, food and booze downplayed tremendously. I went looking for Betty Hoops, hoping to swing my hips a little. One couldn’t even swing their arms, anywhere, without hitting someone! People were perched directly behind the sound stage, and on the lawn near the food. There wasn’t a single place for another blanket anywhere, and the people were still coming in!Jim: HUGE kudos to you and your team for pulling off an incredible weekend, but I wonder how much you and your team intermingled with patrons in the sardine can known as general admission last Sunday. Certainly none of you tried to get to a tarp deep in the crowd, carrying drinks, and dealing with tarp neighbors who were less than pleased with the congestion. Just about everyone I knew was saying that they had never been to a show, anywhere, that was as packed as that one.PLEASE, consider for future shows in a space that size, 9,000 to be capacity, not 12,000. It’s not only about the number of toilets, but also about room to walk, dance and play.Paul GannonAspen