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Tale doesn’t add up

Dear Editor:Your article on John Cordas (Aspen Times, Dec. 16) was interesting, but his answer to the very first question leaves one suspect about all that followed.He said that he was “the son of a laborer who helped construct the Brooklyn Bridge.” He also says he’s 56 years old. That doesn’t fit.At 56, he would have been born in 1948. The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883 (after starting construction in 1869), so if his father was a “laborer,” even during the last few months of construction, at say, age 16, then his father would have been in his early 80s when John was born in 1948! Not a likely story at all.That leaves us suspect about Princeton, Vietnam and all the rest. I suggest John is just a vagrant who likes to drink, tell untrue stories like this one, and prey on the rest of us for handouts. Your reporter should be more astute and analytical.James DeFranciaAspen