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Taking turns elsewhere

Dear Editor:

I want to thank the Aspen Skiing Co. for making skiing simple and more affordable for me. But now I think I need to go back to school. My math seems to be inadequate. In 2008 I paid $789 for the Highlander. I skied 59 days last year. Premier Pass is $710 over what I paid last year. Flex Pass will cost me $1,560 over what I paid last year, and the Escape will cost me $2,410 over what I paid last year. So where’s that personalized letter that Jeff promised me? I’m willing to make a bet that a lot of Highlander pass holders didn’t get a letter unless they had a Classic also. And they say it’s not about making more money.

Yes, you guys put a lot of time into this, and you can spin it all you want, but this was a well-calculated plan to make as much money and at the same time make it look like you were the good guys. You made sure to keep businesses happy. They will save money having to pay out less, but their employees will be paying more to ski. Say what you will but anyone with half a brain can see through your bull.

I quit skiing about 16 years ago because it cost me too much to belong to the chamber and the season pass forced me to ski every Saturday and Sunday no matter what the weather was like. I took up skiing again at first with the Classic four-day; then followed the next year with the seven-day Classic; then I discovered the Highlander validation combined with the Classic and last year the full Highlander no Classic.

I will be looking for people this winter to share a ride to Sunlight or Vail.

I’m able to ski on weekdays and weekends, so anyone wanting to share a ride feel free to call and leave me a message.

Steve Stevens


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