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Taking Torre to task

Dear Editor:

Torre (only one name), ummm first, I’d like to say that we (as council) are not trying to impress a fee on those small business owners, ummm … we are not trying to inconvenience … ummm … the consumer … ummm … by the fees imposed on plastic bag use … ummm …

Sheezo, T, I got hammered on repetitive word usage in college. You say ummm more than you say “fees” (which will trickle down to the consumer). Just try to negate that term from future “speeches.” What was the plastic container(s) from the “local … big … eatery” you brought to curling a couple a weeks ago about? You are a hypocrite! We use plastic, and by “we” I mean you and I too.

If you impose an excise tax on plastics, and you grant yourself and other council members a raise, I will be one of the few who are pissed. You are on a roll, man! Let’s get rid of all plastics! But, let’s ask people to do so on good nature. Let’s make this a public issue, not a mandate.

You are one of a kind, T, a phony with a public pulpit.

Aaron Anderson


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