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Taking notice of Rippy

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the editorial about Gregg Rippy in the April 16, 2004 edition!

I live in Glenwood but I was so glad when I learned that Aspen and Pitkin County became a part of Rippy’s jurisdiction last year. I thought, we now have people that will take notice to the things that Rippy does!

Look at Gregg Rippy’s record and you will find that Rippy plays classic Good-Ole-Boy politics. He looks out for he and his cronies’ best interests, and outside Pitkin County it seems as though no one really notices that.

Remember the “Shoddy Work” bill last year that would have protected builders from being sued for faulty building? That was Rippy.

When you are driving to Glenwood take a look at Rippy’s private airplane hangar project that he built with his buddies behind the Park East subdivision.

This is not a city project, this is a private Rippy enterprise on city property.

How does that happen? Well it’s obvious now how this could happen. The hangars were a last-ditch effort by Rippy and his cronies to keep the airport open for themselves. I always thought there must be another reason that the Glenwood Springs City Council gave it to him on a silver platter. Not only are the buildings huge and ugly but the city gave him terms in the lease that are beyond generous to Rippy and are very disturbing.

The airport was supposed to close if and when the south bridge goes in because the road will cut across the south of the airport. Rippy and his airport cronies want to spend millions to build a tunnel under the airport if the bridge is built so they can keep the airport open.

Now I see the connection. Giving Rippy the OK to build his huge ugly hangars so close to all of the nice homes was about the getting millions for the south bridge project for the city of Glenwood Springs.

The issue the city is using to help get the money, about everyone getting stuck on the Sunlight bridge during the fires, is true. I live there and it was the only way out.

What is scarier than that is this whole Good-Ole-Boy network that seems to involve the City Council in Glenwood Springs.

Rippy was re-elected last year when he ran on the platform: “I care about the people of the Western Slope.” Well that’s kind of true but the group of people that he cares about is a lot smaller than one might think.

The Entz issue is a classic example of what Gregg Rippy does best. Now he is playing with the Good-Ole-Boys in your back yard.

Next time he should just be frank and run on the platform: “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

Over time the truth does eventually comes out.

We just hope we can keep up with him before too much damage is done.

Thanks again for noticing.

Ron Lloyd

Park East

Glenwood Springs