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Taking it too lightly

Dear Editor:

While it was heartening to read The Aspen Times’ report of the success of the Aspen Ski Patrol in their rescue of Rob Morrow, Chad Lowe and Fisher Stevens, it was disheartening to read of Mr. Mor­row’s charade, and the enjoyment that he seemingly derived from this rescue.

Apparently Mr. Morrow does not real­ize that: (1) his (and Mr. Lowe and Stevens’) venture off-piste was heralded by stupidity; (2) as was their decision to not have a guide; (3) this threesome drew upon limited, local resources that may have been required by others less fortu­nate (and at greater risk) at the same time; (4) his comment to the Times: “It ended up being great because it was a good adventure,” is offensive; and (5) their escapade sends the wrong message to those who are younger and who do not have the same life experience.

It appears to me that Messrs. Morrow, Lowe and Stevens have offered their services at no cost to the community to record several public service announce­ments for TV, radio and billboards about the risks of out-of-bounds skiing, target­ing younger people.

Congratulations to the Aspen ski patrol on their successful rescue.

William Schneiderman

Stratton Mountain, Vt.