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Taking it to the tweets

Dear Editor:

I almost choked on my breakfast burrito when I read your front page story entitled “Aspen SkiCo goes a-twitter.”

Does that story really constitute front page news? OK, it’s mud season.

I applaud Aspen Skiing Co. for their marketing efforts and embracing social media to build their brand. Much respect to Jeff Hanle and his PR staff for utilizing Twitter and Facebook. Social media is still in its infancy, but it has already proven to be a very powerful tool for those who “get it.” The real story isn’t that Ski Co. is using social media, it’s that they ” like almost everyone else ” haven’t figured out how to utilize it effectively. Ski Co. has only 276 followers on Twitter, while actor Ashton Kutcher has nearly 2 million “tweeple” following his tweets.

I’m not a geek, but I often fight off that accusation because of the success of my website, AspenSpin.com. Yes, I admit it, I’ve used social-media tools (Facebook and Twitter) to communicate, gain information, expand my readership, connect with sponsors, share photos, re-connect with old friends and laugh my a$$ off.

Sure, it’s a company town and Ski Co. is the big dog, but the real story is this … anybody with a cell phone can connect with more than 200 million users on Facebook and contribute to over 3 million tweets a day on Twitter.

The future is now. Any questions?

Andrew M. Israel