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Taking back the government

Dear Editor:

Re: “Illegal immigration akin to Enron fraud,” Jan. 13:

I agree. We almost desperately need a national ballot initiative that would enable “We the People” to assume control of Congress. Until then, Congress will wag us back and forth in the hallway when it wants to.

I also would like to point out that the Republican Party is massively small business with three or four employees these days. I suspect, and don’t know, the Democrats made a deal with the devil, and supported the illegal aliens for the votes and big business money. Trust me on this: The butcher in Aspen doesn’t have a prayer of competing with the massive butchering plant in Greely. It staggers me that the Democratic Party, and particularly the Clintons, don’t see the demand that the illegal aliens be returned. Further, when you see the mayor of Los Angeles introducing Mrs. Clinton at a Nevada rally, you know the Clintons have made a deal with the folks that support the illegal aliens.

Joel E. Wischkaemper

Prescott, Ariz.

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