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Taking action on global warming

Dear Editor:I applaud the city of Aspen for taking proactive steps to address the issue of climate change. Global warming is the most pressing environmental issue of our time. We are only just beginning to see the effects of the rising temperatures resulting from carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the atmosphere. Increases in the rates of floods, droughts, the spread of infectious diseases and loss of habitats are just the tip of the melting iceberg. The actions we take now will determine the future of our planet. The U.S. will play an important role in determining what steps are taken to reduce global warming pollution. Home to only five percent of world population, the U.S. is responsible for 25 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions. Our government showed how reluctant it is to reduce CO2 emissions when it withdrew its support for the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty ratified by over 140 countries that limits the production of global warming pollution. It is now up to us to demand that our government meet 20 percent of our energy needs with renewable, non CO2-emitting sources of energy.Hallie CaplanGreenpeaceWashington, DC

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