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Taking a vow of silence

Dear Editor:In school we are learning about children in Africa who have no voice and no help. At the Aspen School District there has been awareness of an approaching event called the Vow of Silence.Vow of Silence campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness on children’s rights issues and stand in solidarity with the youth around the world who do not have a voice. The Vow of Silence begins on March 1st at midnight. It lasts for 24 hours. We watched a film in Social Studies called “Invisible Children” about children like the ones we are vowing for. As it touched many hearts of my fellow students and my heart, a boy raised his hand and asked, “Well, we are all they way over here in America, we can’t do anything.” Our teachers disagreed they said we could join the Action in Africa club at the high school. This club is not exclusively for high schoolers; it is opened to the whole valley. They raise money for the foundation called Free the Children.Our teachers also said we could collect pledges for the Vow of Silence campaign. Even though we are only about 120 seventh-grade kids and about six teachers, I realized we could make a difference. The more money and thought put into this, the more we could do.In Aspen we have it so good. We have food and water and peace. Other kids around the world would do anything for lives like ours. The more people that learn about this issue, the more we can do. As my science and social studies teacher, Brian Hightower, said, “Everyone heard of Hurricane Katrina?” My whole class agreed. “We all heard of the tsunami in Thailand.” Again, we all agreed. “How many of you had heard of this event before the movie?” The once excited classroom went silent. None of us had heard of these horrible happenings in Africa and all around the world. He then continued asking how we learned and we replied to him, “The news on television and in newspapers.” If this event got more publicity we could help even more.So, take the challenge of the Vow of Silence. On March 1, try to be silent. Try to help. For more information on the Vow of Silence campaign contact the high school’s Action in Africa Club at http://actioninafrica.tripod.com/. Everyone and anyone can make a difference. Rebecca RobinsonAspen

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