Taking a stand

Dear Editor:

OK … I will tell you that if I was in a reputable (?) yoga class in Aspen, Colorado, and the yoga teacher reached down and touched my genitals, I would immediately go into shock. Would you scream, make a scene? Maybe; however, until you are in that situation that you consider safe, with a trusted, respected person of experience and authority, how can you know what you would do?

This heinous incident at the 02 Yoga Studio occurred two years ago! Dates and times were brought up by the defense counsel, forcing the first witness/victim to recall exact dates and times of two years ago in an attempt to discredit her. Those things are easily forgotten over a two-year span; however, one never, ever forgets being sexually assaulted!

After watching one day of this amateur trial on Thursday, Sept. 9, I wonder if I would come forward to stand up for something like this. The first and now the second witness had nothing to gain. These women are trying to stop someone in a place of trusted authority from perpetuating his sneaky, perverted ways again and again to his next prey. These witnesses have been distraught over this atrocious incident for two years … and for what? My gratitude and high respect goes out to these women/victims for taking a stand and speaking out.

Lori Simon