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Taking a stand against fascism

In another desperate attempt to defend the Bush administration, Jay Pate resorts to nitpicking the details of my letter while not so deftly sidestepping the important issues (as if the comment that Cheney’s Halliburton profits go to charity dismisses the entire issue of war profiteering).

Iraq is not the backwards, illiterate and oppressed nation Jay Pate wants people to think it is, but in the interest of fairness it should be made clear that Jay and I are talking about two different sets of facts regarding Iraq. Iraq was a prosperous and modern industrialized country, with an 89 percent literacy rate, BEFORE the economic sanctions imposed in 1991. Twelve years of genocidal sanctions, combined with frequent bombing of vital infrastructure by U.S. and British forces, took their toll on Iraq’s educational, health, electrical and communications systems.

It was openly acknowledged by the Red Cross, UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations that it was not Hussein, but the sanctions, that reduced a promising developing country to poverty, starvation and disease. Half a million Iraqi children died as a result of vetoes and holds on medical and sanitation equipment by the United States and Britain, who controlled the UN 661 Sanctions committee.

Really, Jay, there is no need to continue your exaggerated attempts to cast suspicion on my motives. You were right all along. I made that clear in my last letter calling for impeachment. But don’t go trying to put the cart before the horse. My campaign against the Bush administration is a result of my opposition to the war, NOT the other way around. I have nothing against Bush personally, or Republicans in general. I would be just as outraged at the situation if it had been brought about by Clinton, Gore or anyone else.

When the American people are lied to and their civil liberties are taken away and human lives are lost and government-connected corporations make millions from contracts awarded without a public bidding process, it is time to take a stand against fascism and make an effort to prosecute the offending parties … even if they currently hold the highest offices of U.S. government.

Sue Gray


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