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Taken for a ride by the government

Dear Editor:

I got my first car shortly after moving to Aspen when I thought I had a place to rent up Castle Creek. It was either get a car or hitchhike.

After I got the car the deal fell through. I have never driven in winter for 30 years. I used to fully insure the car, and from Nov. 1 to May 1, get fire and theft insurance while it sat in the carport.

Now I am forced to get full insurance year-round because fire and theft insurance don’t even exist in Colorado unless one owns two cars. If the second car can be covered by fire and theft insurance, why can’t a single car receive it?

Just one more example of government pandering to large corporations and insurance lobbyists. So now I can drive 12 months of the year instead of doing my part to cut down on unnecessary emissions. Goody, goody.

Pat Milligan