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Take up a better cause

Dear Editor:

Sylvia Callaway in her letter (“New ski run would hurt wilderness,” Thursday, The Aspen Times) states, “No one from our organization has ever gone skiing or snowboarding there, and we probably never will.”

I think she ought to take a run on Burnt Mountain! If your organization is “an all-volunteer 501[c][3] charity,” then I assume you don’t have a 9-to-5 job to pay your mortgage and health-insurance costs. I could be wrong, but imagine being the vice president/director of the Ark Initiative keeps you busy, and there is little time to work for a paycheck. If you have never been somewhere, then how do you know what is best for that area?

Why is it that on the Ark website all the other listed board members have address and/or post-office boxes in Wyoming, but yours is listed as care of someone in Austin, Texas? Just curious.

You do know that Houston-based SG Interests just announced it is applying for drilling permits on leases it holds in the Thompson Divide area just down Highway 82 from Snowmass.

I am willing to bet those drilling rigs are going to have a much greater impact on wildlife than a bunch of selfish skiers and snowboarders schussing silently through the trees of Burnt Mountain

Best of luck in all your endeavors.

John Norman


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