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Take time, ponder our beginnings

Dear Editor:There is a moving story of inspiration, courage, treason and civil disobedience committed in the name of truth, friendship between cultures, a belief in humanity and a pervasive trust in a higher, loving power that lies in the evolution of America. What is the American mind? The American Spirit? Where did they come from and where will we take them? What does the light held high by the Statue of Liberty promise to the world? What is the nature of true freedom? Have we forgotten or ignored some of the essential elements of our founding vision? Did it embody a way of seeing the world that will allow us to realize our greatest dreams? Did the Mayflower Pilgrims and the Indians they encountered on this land see something, know something we have yet to actualize? There are many inspired ideas and players in the forming of America – a tapestry that allows us to catch a glimpse of an expanded reality which speaks to us of matters of the heart and suggests a pathway to freedom of the spirit. Throughout time humanity has made choices which have created our history. What of our future? Our choices will lead us there. Albert Einstein once stated that no problem was ever solved in the same consciousness in which it was created. Can we choose a higher road?To see where we can take our nation’s original vision of freedom within the context of a balanced understanding of our beginnings, and of the nature of the universe, we must return to the origin story of the United States, correct misunderstandings and put in the missing pieces.There is a profound misunderstanding and subsequent misinformation concerning the first 50 years of the Plymouth Colony, the unique friendship between the Mayflower Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians and the synergy this interaction created. This misunderstanding has led to guilt, anger, shame and division while an accurate and balanced understanding of the historical founding principles and the circumstances which gave rise to our nation can inspire people of all races and backgrounds to open their hearts and bridge gulfs of differences so that they may realize in their daily lives the great human potential that lies within each of us.It is important now when attention is drawn to the first Thanksgiving celebration in Plymouth to ponder our beginnings and take stock to see if we measure up these many centuries later.Connie Baxter MarlowOld Snowmass

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