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Take this job and blow it; Burger King in Aspen?

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The world may soon find out that some jobs in Aspen come with more fringe benefits than others.

A recent search of a media database found a July 11 story in Denver Westword by Stuart Steers called “This Job Sucks.” The piece tells of Matthew Jay, a former Surefoot employee who filed a lawsuit after allegedly being approached by a man about a job.

“In its crudest sense, this lawsuit is about blow jobs,” Steers writes. “Jay claims he was approached by 54-year-old John Ortega, an employee of the Dillard family, the department-store owners, and asked if he would be interested in a position as a caretaker at their house in Aspen.

“The job paid $25 an hour and included a free studio apartment. But between doing the dishes and sorting the laundry, Jay claims, Ortega told him he’d have one other duty: Ortega, who was supervisor of the property, had a little ‘hangup’ and would want to work it out by occasionally performing fellatio on his new hire.

“Jay’s interest in the position ended there – but his outrage didn’t, and he filed suit against Ortega and his employers, William Dillard II and Mandy Dillard. Ortega has denied both offering Jay a job and making any demand for sexual favors; the Dillards say they know nothing about the situation.”

Go ahead, ask yourself, would you blow off a similar offer?

@ATD Sub heds:Aspen Burger Kings

@ATD body copy: The July 22 issue of Forbes has an article by Bruce Upbin and Daniel Kruger about the sale of the Burger King chain.

They note that Wildcat Ranch resident David Bonderman, who is backing the local Four Peaks development group, may buy the Burger King restaurant chain through his Texas Pacific Group.

And the article notes that Bonderman’s neighbor, John Dasburg, formerly of Northwest Airlines, is currently the top patty at Burger King.

“Conspiracy theorists point out Dasburg’s close ties to Texas Pacific’s David Bonderman, who owned a big chunk of Continental Airlines in the 1990s; he and Dasburg have neighboring homes in Aspen,” Forbes reports. “(Dasburg insists his friendship with Bonderman means nothing to the deal.)”

No word yet if this means there will soon be a new Burger King in Aspen.

@ATD Sub heds:John Denver Down Under

@ATD body copy: The July 15 edition of the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald has a caustic review by Bruce Elder on the latest John Denver television special called “Take Me Home: The John Denver Story.”

“This standard-issue biopic (starring Chad Lowe) uses Denver’s recordings and tells a drab tale of a man who spent most of his life trying to relate to his air force father and juggle his career with his commitments to the beloved Annie,” Elder writes. “Poor old Cassie (wife No. 2) gets about two minutes.

“There’s an awful lot of weeping. Beyond that there’s the story of a folk singer who made it big singing about his home in Aspen, his wife Annie and the sunshine. If you’re a fan you’ll love it.”

We’ll be sure to watch for it.

[Brent Gardner-Smith’s e-mail address is bgs@aspentimes.com.]

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