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Take the train to fight terrorism

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Dear Editor:There have been several letters written in response to RFTA’s rail decision. I shall try to respond in a manner not based entirely on self-interest. First, we are at war. We, and others, have been attacked. Our young men and women are being killed daily.They are being killed by other young men and women who don’t work, are filled with hate and are being supported by oil money. As we, as a nation, are by far the largest users of the world’s oil supply, we are actually supporting our enemies. Pay close attention now, this gets more complicated. Our enemies have good religious leaders and bad ones. As these enemy countries are not democratic, and do not have separation of church and state, a unique way for the tribal leaders to stay in power has evolved: Give huge oil money to the bad religious guys. They, in turn, run everything. No secular schools, no women’s rights, no jobs, no economy, no nothing but bad religious schools. They can do this because we buy their oil and nobody has to work. They are taught to hate and kill in the name of God, and it works because they are not part of any world economy, education, society, etc.Here comes the good part. If we stop buying their oil, we stop the terrorist support system. The tribal leaders will then have to educate their people, abandon the bad religious guys and join the world economy to stay in power. It probably would start to look like democracy. Since we have a government in the oil business, all of us have to be part of the solution. No more Hummers, lower speed limits, push for automobiles getting 50 mpg or more, rapid transit. Oops, here it comes! A train up and down our valley, and all the other valleys in this country, can help us sever our dependence on Arab oil.How simple is that?Lester HolstAspen

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