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Take the plunge?

Todd Coghi doesn’t want to be associated with that numbskull Roger Marolt and thinks it time for Pete Luhn to be strapped into a rocket ship full of bananas for Pete’s ride out of here once and for all.

Roger Marolt, sympathetic of Pete’s anguish of “not knowing” if Roger is really Roger or if Todd is really Roger or if Roger is Todd, challenged Mr. Luhn to strap on a pair of skis (and, of course, one of those tight, tight racing suits) to find out once and for all if maybe Pete is really Todd since Todd failed to show up for the ski race.

Pete Luhn backed out of the ski race, claiming that he was horrible to watch in his day. Yet, I think, the real reason why Pete choked (understandably) on the ski race was because Mr. Luhn could not figure how to squeeze into one of those tight, tight racing body suits.

The ski race challenge has created somewhat of a splash in the papers about who’s who and many people were looking forward to finding out who is really who.

It doesn’t appear that the ski race is going to happen; so instead, why don’t the “boys” belly on up to the diving board contest between Aspen’s pool project manager Steve Bossart and myself during the 10 questions contest.

The only piece of equipment that one needs for the diving contest is a tight, tight Speedo. The pool will supply the diving board and deep water (greater than 3 1/2 feet). If the “boys” don’t own a Speedo (Mr. Bossart doesn’t own a Speedo either), the “dive contest” has received over 35 Speedos and baggies in all shapes, sizes and colors that the “boys” can choose from.

Anyone willing to take the plunge into deep water (greater than 3 1/2 feet) with Steve Bossart and myself? Guaranteed you will get wet.

Toni Kronberg


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