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Take the lead, commissioners

Dear Editor:

Government, at all levels, is in trouble due to disenchantment of the constituents. People are frustrated with government’s irresponsible spending and taxing with little accountability being taken. There doesn’t seem to be any thought taken by government officials for the fact that the present government structures are not working effectively, and little or no effort is being taken to change those very complicated and broken-down systems. The article in the April 18 Aspen Times regarding higher home valuations in the midvalley area has prompted this letter (“Midvalley warned to brace for higher valuations”).

Present times are showing us that “everything” needs to be “re-evaluated.” That “everything” includes our personal lives, our relationships, our spending habits, our belief systems, our education system, our legal and corporate system, our judicial system, our health care system and, yes, our political system. The political system includes national, state and local governments. Laws are seldom changed to fit present times unless it suits government officials, and taxing in the present for conditions of the past does not make sense because it makes assumptions, assumptions that valuations will keep going up. This sort of thing happens at every level of government, and it’s time for all government officials to get more creative, take responsibility and reassess the way of doing business, coming up with flexible, more simple ways of taxing the public. Our economy has been running on perceptions and it has been shown that it doesn’t work. Taxing on perceptions doesn’t work either.

We’re all being challenged. Let’s meet the challenges with creative, innovative and sane thinking. Clinging to past ways of doing things does not promote change. This is a time of much needed transformation in every structure of our human society. Care to take the lead and accommodate your constituents hurting from this broken economy?

Lollie Schweitzer