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Take the advice

Dear Editor:I would just like to say that I am an unlikely person to stand up and speak out on this issue of Benson vs. Sirko. I am the product of a coaching family, a teaching family, I am married to a teacher and football coach, and I am a high school teacher myself. I see this situation from every angle … I sometimes detest and despise football for taking time away from my family. I am an artist and am torn by the contention of art versus sport, but I do know that all extracurricular activities contribute to the development of healthy, productive, and successful students who will soon one day be participatory citizens. I have read the letters and editorials online about the situation with Coach Benson. I personally know the Sirko family and have never met people who are so caring, passionate, involved and interested in the lives of students.I am saddened to think that people in Aspen feel Dr. Sirko has an agenda … she is offering your community and Coach Benson a wonderful opportunity to draw on the wealth of knowledge that Mike Sirko has to give. She only suggested that Travis Benson accept a temporary learning experience. My husband has been coaching over twice as long as Benson and realizes how much there is to learn about the game and kids. I know that if I was given a chance to learn from a successful, positive and experienced mentor in my field, my ego should not get in the way.What is Mike Sirko doing in the offseason, on his down time, his extra time? Getting kids into the weight room every weekday of the summer and at 6:30 in the morning on school days, doing fundraisers, watching film after games, spending family time with all of the coaches, their kids, their wives … pure dedication.I am sure that Coach Benson loves coaching, kids, and football. I am sure he is dedicated, concerned, and knowledgeable … but we all have room to learn and gain experience. I would be shooting myself in the foot as an artist if I told Andy Warhol to bugger off! Please give Sirko a chance, and Coach Benson, don’t let your feelings get in the way of a great opportunity.Sarah StevensColorado Springs

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