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Take stand for education

Dear Editor:

I am president of The Roaring Fork Community Education Association. We are the association that represents teachers in the Roaring Fork School District. Our members belong because they care about education and about students. We are members of this community, have children in the schools, and understand the importance of strong schools in the development of children.

We know that without strong public education, our communities and businesses will falter. We know that everything has been done to minimize the impact that budget cuts thus far have had on our students’ achievement. We also know there is little left to give in the budget without affecting kids. Without the passage of 3E, we are staring large class sizes, cuts in programs and possibly even school closings in the eye. We urge you to vote yes on 3E today. Do it for your community, your children, your employees.

Thank you.

Megan Talbott

Glenwood Springs

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