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Take off the rose-colored lenses, Aspen

Dear Editor:I was just in Aspen last week for the first time. I have never seen such ostentatious and conspicuous consumption of everything in my life, and I’ve seen a lot. The idea that a bunch of people at the top of the energy food chain (including heated driveways, for goodness’ sake) would sit around talking about how they care about the environment is truly mind-numbing.There may not be a lot of dirt under the fingernails of the town’s residents, but there are scads of people in other, less auspicious places who are busting their butts, scouring for morel mushrooms, mining minerals, logging trees, killing animals, digging coal, smelting steel and aluminum and drilling oil wells to perpetuate the lifestyle and myth that Aspen’s privileged elite are somehow above it all.It’s just a Tom Wolfe novel at altitude. Dan KishBoston, Va.

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