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Take it Veazy, Basalt

Dear Editor:

Oh, how wonderfully Fortuna shines her smiling face upon Basalt to hire me as its new town manager.

I am sure my predecessor’s devotion, executive skills, economic geography knowledge and jet age/computer age zeal advanced Basalt’s economic security.

But now will Basaltines take a good look in The Aspen Times archives to contemplate about and reconsider my Nov. 27, 2008 proposition letter to the editor about temporarily being an august interim Basalt town manager, which was mistitled “If Veazy were mayor”?

My November 2008 public letter had my nine nonnegotiable aims put on the table, which are still relevant for years to come. My nine wonders do more than excite industrious folks; they will make Basalt qualitatively much better in the short term, the intermediate term and the long run.

I dare anyone to professionally attack my nine well conceived Basalt political economic objectives. Even the Aspen Institute brainiacs would be “loco en la cabeza” (crazy) to go up against my nine future pillars for Basalt town operations.

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How many votes do I get to be Basalt town manager at $130,000 a year? You must think outside the box you boxed yourselves in, isn’t that right folks? I am worth at least $250,000 annually.

Veazy’s nines, each one shines! Let’s make an unconventional deal and toss out the fallacy of traditional wisdom, OK? Let’s have a prosperous Rockefeller Revolution in Basalt.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Beverly Hills, Calif.

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