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Take it underground

Dear Editor:

I’d like to thank the Lift One COWOP past and present for all of their hard work on the proposed development at Lift 1A. However, there may be a solution that has been overlooked.

In a tip of the hat to Aspen’s rich mining heritage, I would suggest that the entire project be built underground, leaving the landscape virtually untouched with the exception of a few skylights, and a entry portal. Change the name of the project from the Lodge at Aspen Mountain to The Lodge Under Aspen Mountain. Much of the excavation has been done already by our mining ancestry – the true visionaries of Aspen.

That way the project can be as large as the developers want – even larger – saving them millions! And there is no need to build any employee housing, or move the chairlift either. Wouldn’t that be exciting to come to Aspen on vacation and be led to your guest quarters in a mining cart?!

Aspen has always had a fascination with things underground – restaurants, shops, health clubs, living quarters – let’s take this opportunity to keep the tradition alive!

Lorenzo Semple III


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