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Take it step by step please

Dear Editor:The “phased modified direct” option, consisting of two general highway lanes and two exclusive bus lanes on a curved alignment through the Marolt property, with a cut-and-cover tunnel, is the preferred alternative for the Entrance to Aspen. Is it currently the position of the Colorado Department of Transportation that this alternative can be constructed upon successful completion of a written reevaluation of the project, without the need for any further approvals or authorizations from the electorate of the City of Aspen?For the purpose of the above paragraph, “successful completion” is intended to mean a completed reevaluation in which no significant changes are found in the impact of the project, leading to a conclusion that the preferred alternative is still valid. If you have any other semantic difficulties with the specific wording of the first paragraph, please set them aside in the interest of clarifying the larger issue regarding the future role (if any) of the Aspen voter. In addition, and more importantly, please provide a step-by-step description of the process that would be necessary to choose a different preferred alternative, starting with a description of any preconditions and including the identification of entities and/or jurisdictions capable of initiating such a process.Thank you for your assistance.Jeffrey EvansBasalt

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