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Take dog killing seriously

Dear Editor:

In response to the story in The Aspen Times on Thursday, Jan. 3 (“Family’s pet dog shot and killed”), about a 3-year-old Italian Mastiff that was shot and killed in the Missouri Heights neighborhood, I would like to give my condolences to the family, and ask that law enforcement look further into the case as a matter of general public safety.

I was born and raised in rural northern Arizona, where domestic animal life was not given as much value as in other parts of the United States (that’s not an ethic I practiced, but my neighbors certainly did), I had several dogs that were killed by accident or by actual malice. However, it is my experience that even the most ravage hillbilly in Arizona would find that fatally shooting a young dog with a home nearby just for fun, no matter the occasion, is absolutely heartbreaking and ethically wrong. And yes, there is no way they could have mistaken the animal for a deer or elk ” it was pitch black on New Year’s Eve for crying out loud.

And Arizona law enforcement would feel the same way.

If indeed it is true that Colorado law enforcement gave little response to this matter, on BLM land or not, I ask that they reconsider the case because this person is lower than the lowest of rural Arizona residents, which makes them a probable future serial killer. Also, because there is plenty of snow on the ground ” and I’m just speculating here ” it would have been quite easy to find some kind of evidence of the killer, and possibly track down a drunk’s footsteps in the snow right to a neighbor’s door. Too late now. I guess we will have to wait until the next murder ” animal or human.

Brett Lewis


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