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Take action!

Dear Editor:This week there was news that was devastating for me (and for many others in the community). I was completely unprepared for either Donna’s or Scott’s death by cancer (see obituaries). I feel numb and angry and consumed by grief. I cried until the tears would not flow anymore. Tears don’t come quickly for me, but these were uncontrollable. I am the co-chair of the Aspen Ride for the Cure, which takes place the weekend of Sept. 9-10. For a few minutes I thought about throwing my hands up in the air and giving up – just dropping my intense commitment. Then I remembered that there are more and more success stories coming out of cancer treatment every day and that is where our focus MUST be trained. I thought of all the survivors who have come out of the woodwork this summer to help us build a strong team of support for those newly diagnosed. We cannot allow our grief to overcome our work for the future; it must instead be a motivator to continue to raise funds for research to eliminate cancer of all kinds.Donna and Scott and their families deserve no less than our unequivocal commitment to stomping out this obscene disease. Georgia HansonA Grateful and Very Sad Survivor

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