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Take action on water

Dear Editor:

Hello, my name is Jacob Hoover, and I am here to inform you of some problems in some cities in Colorado, as well as the many other states and places in the world, where water has been contaminated.

There has been a continual problem with our drinking water getting contaminated by the pipes that were placed some 30 years ago. The pipes that were once in good condition are getting old, and since they are made of iron the clean water that runs through the pipes end up getting contaminated with rust. This is just one of the many problems with the drinking water.

There are other problems, such as pipes breaking and the chemicals and other contaminates that might ruin the clean water leaking into the pipes. This is because the pipes are so old that they are breaking down. The government needs to do something about this, and they could start by getting the pipes replaced and making sure that a filter system, one that actually does work well, is put in.

Another problem is that the companies and governments that make this country run need to put forth more money to get the problem resolved. If the government would put less money toward the military, then maybe the water might get cleaned of more then 91 contaminates. I think we need to find an alternative in our country for farms because some of them dump their cow feces into the rivers or streams on their property, and it ends up in peoples’ water downstream. This can lead to health problems for the people in those houses, and they don’t even know what’s causing them. If the government talks to farmers and sets up a deal with them about how they can get rid of their cow feces, this problem could also be solved. I know this isn’t as easy as I make it sound but it’s a start of an idea.

I would like to thank you for the time and please recognize this problem and encourage the government to take action and resolve the problem.

Jacob Hoover

student, Basalt High School

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